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You never know what you may stumble upon here, but as this grows, it may well could be nearly anything...This material is for those unsatisfied with the sound bite platform that can be easily spun by political feelings while what you will find here will be far more nuanced, and thorough. If you also share the frustration of dumbed-down brainwashing, I can truly promise you will be refreshingly delighted as we peel back the ‘layers’ (read:WALLS) forever keeping us enslaved oft times being kept blind, ignorant and terrified.Having been a researcher for over 30 years, 3 of those as lead research director fo a nationally syndicated radio talk show and believe you will be astonished and profoundly shocked and unsettled at the sheer depth this material is hoping the many hours spent correlating, then when need be, completely do the complicated talk of communications high-end academics into practical and easy to understand this intel and how hopefully easy these salient and actionable updates, while in many cases, fraught with direct risk of death, maiming, lost of climb(a), and dozens of other permanently crippling traumas, nonetheless, it is this writers hope what once perhaps was opaque and frustrated, may they now, at least are BEGINNING to coalesce in the direction of taking on the clarity of crystal. Many of these issues/topics are “series” but whether individual essays, or not, the material will be presented in ways allowing the clarity to reveal itself. If there is a topic of interest, a ‘mystery’ you might wonder something is in my volumes, PLEASE e-mail....Send the word TOPIC by ITSELF in the SUBJECT LINE BY ITSELF if you wish it to be read, time management makes this necessary simply send inquiries to: and ANY topic WILL BE considered, submitted correctly as outlined above.Please listen to our first broadcast here as it will yield a far better feel for what this is hoped to achieve and many thanks for tuning this direction! I can VIRTUALLY assure you these recordings will not disappoint and many will likely raise the hair on the back of your neck as it has mine, so many times compiling hundreds of deeply researched essays that will be presented here openly, as far as I can see, much of this has not been revealed openly, despite my absolute certainty these things are known in certain circles...30 years of extensively documented and cross referenced research encapsulated in easy to understand (I HOPE) presentations....I hope you enjoy.....